Political Campaign Social Media Strategy; using strategists, writers, visibility experts, and engagers working collaboratively to manage your social media campaign on a daily basis.

Target Your Supporters in a Bigger Way!

Political social media marketing is a proactive way to promote a message to thousands– even MILLIONS– of Americans, making it an effective and important tool for candidates on the campaign trail. Not only does social networking provide the opportunity to build business connections, promote events and share information, opinions and ideas, but it is also a direct link to followers– giving candidates the ability to reach people and target their supporters in an even bigger way than ever before. For this reason, it is critical to have a meaningful and well-crafted social media strategy that represents your political vision.

As a world-class social media marketing agency, The Social Firm offers an integrated approach and innovative thinking to political social media marketing. We understand that running a successful campaign means spreading your name and message to generate support, interest and buzz– and these days, that involves a well-rounded mix of traditional marketing in conjunction with a strong social media marketing plan.

Political social media marketing can engage followers through status updates, blogs, videos, photo galleries, promotions and word of mouth marketing, as well as driver loyalty and interest through regular interactions. By utilizing the experience and creativity of a social media marketing agency, you can ensure your messages reach your followers.

Success for your political social media marketing plan relies on:

  • Efficient setup, integration and management of social networks
  • Making it easy for your target audience to follow your campaign
  • Being relevant and inspiring to your followers
  • Tracking results and monitoring social networking reports

At The Segment, we offer a results-oriented strategy that will deliver the success you are looking for in your political campaign. It is this fresh approach to online marketing that makes us a trusted digital marketing agency nationally and in the Arlington, Virginia area. To learn more about implementing a political social media marketing strategy into your campaign, contact Segment, Inc. today.

Political Campaign Social Media ManagementBenefits Include

  • Daily postings on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter consistent with your campaign’s message.
  • Consultations with your political campaign strategists to ensure alignment with goals.
  • Reputation monitoring and response across social media platforms.

Branding & Messaging

  • Working hand-in-hand with your political campaign’s leadership team to craft social media strategies consistent with your messaging, platform, and objectives.
  • Crafting high-impact, engaging posts in your voice. Increasing your visibility by broadcasting your ideas via Twitter and Facebook. Tapping into the massive power and reach of social media to reinforce your vision.
  • Seamlessly integrating social media into your existing marketing and public relations platforms. Sharing content and phrasing with your marketing team to ensure brand consistency.
  • Shaping the conversation, staying on message, and conveying your talking points in a controlled, dynamic, and interactive medium.

Community Building & Constituent Relations

  • Expanding your reach by rapidly building a robust following on social media. Building a community of your constituents and providing an open channel of communication with voters.
  • Directly engaging your constituents via Twitter and Facebook as a member of your political campaign. Working collaboratively with your strategists and consultants to craft powerful responses to inquiries, comments, and challenges posed through social media.


  • Increasing awareness, building grassroots support, gaining consensus, and cultivating enthusiastic ambassadors to maximize turnout.
  • Providing a central hub for supporters, volunteers, staff members, and constituents to learn about the latest events, rallies, messages, and fundraisers. Coordinating GOTV efforts with all elements of the campaign.


  • Promoting your events, initiating contact with potential donors, driving traffic to donation websites, and directly soliciting contributions from followers.
  • Generating excitement and increasing contributions by planning and managing innovative online fundraising initiatives and events.

Reputation Management & Crisis Management

  • Patrolling social media for mentions of you and your campaign.
  • Identifying potentially damaging messaging across social media. Working in concert with your strategists to craft appropriate, high-impact responses.
  • Using social media to propel positive messaging about you and your campaign to the forefront of search engines.

Political Campaign Social Media Strategy by Segment, Inc.