At Segment we believe that the key to any successful Social Media for Real Estate Management Plan starts with the understanding that Social Media is about engagement, listening, and communicating.

As your real estate virtual assistant and online consultant, we encourage you to embrace your uniqueness and share it online in a way that represents the best of what your expertise and experience provides. We will work with you to find your online “voice” and help connect the dots between your day to day offline business and your online business. We will create Social Media Management plans that you can manage yourself, or we can manage for you. Postcards get thrown in the mail, your digital footprint lasts forever. Make it count!:

What we do:

  • Develop Your Strategy for Real Estate Social Media Marketing & Blogging
  • Establish or optimize existing Social Media profiles (Maintaining Brand Consistency)
  • Identify your target market and goals
  • Define your Social Media for Real Estate objectives
  • Evaluate your online business “hub” and presence in Social Media Networks, and optimize your branding and profiles
  • Customize Social Media for Real Estate marketing to your work-style, core competencies and Unique Value Proposition
  • Establish and/or optimize your real estate blog for marketing your business
  • Integrate Your Social Media Strategy into Your Real Estate Business
  • Integrate your real estate blog activities with your social media profiles
  • Set-up and utilize the best social media tools and applications for real estate to achieve your Social media objectives across the various platforms
  • Take your online relationships offline by integrating offline activities and marketing
  • Integrate the use of photos, video and other media to your Social Media for Real Estate Marketing arsenal
  • Develop yearly, monthly and daily goals to learn and adopt new strategies and tools
  • Set-up and manage RSS Feed readers and Google Alerts to develop consumer-centric content, articles, news and links
  • Engaging Your Clients, Friends & Followers
  • Share and post consumer-centric information, articles, links, and more, that will encourage interaction with your online network
  • Track and manage your social media accounts for trends, local information, questions and other areas of opportunity to build online relationships
  • Create and communicate your real estate blog posts across social media profiles – Social Media for Real Estate

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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents by Segment, Inc.